Student Venture Fund

Have a great idea and would like to get it into action? Want to start a small business but don’t have any funds to get going? Are you an MCC Student?

Then apply to the Student Venture Fund for start-up funding (up to $100) to help make your idea a reality! You may ask for up to $100 in funds. Average loan is $50.

This is a friendly loan, meaning we want you to be able to pay it back so other students may access the loan fund as well. Pay it forward is our motto.

**Launch Your Business Now Certificate students may ask for a different amount of funding. Confer with Professor Hargis after you submit your request.


  1. Fill out the application HERE. You will get an email confirming the form was received.
  2. Prepare the following info that you will need to submit.A> a start-up expenses document – please include a total list of what you need, how much each thing costs, and where you will get the item. You may use this template.

    B> a breakdown of your Cost of Product. You may use this template.  Examples are here.

    C> Be prepared to indicate on the app exactly how you will use the money and how much of your own money you would be able to contribute to the overall project. **Any little bit helps! Even if it is $5.

  3. Wait to be contacted by the Student Venture Fund (a group of your peers at the IDEA Center who will make decisions about all the applications)
  4. If you don’t hear from us after 1 week, please contact
  5. These funds are a friendly loan. We want you to pay the fund back so that we can continue to pay it forward to other students. If you are unable to pay the loan back due to business failure, you will not be held personally accountable, but we do ask that you then donate time to help raise money for the fund.

Are you interested in donating to the fund!? GREAT! We would love that. GO HERE! 

See what the student-led Student Venture Fund Committee has been up to!
Oct 2017 Fundraiser 
2016 Venture Fund Committee

Spring 2018 Members:
Gillian Inglis, Randy Nguyen, and Kevin Seery

Fall 2017 Members:
Gillian Inglis, Karina Heinold, Randy Nguyen, and Kevin Seery

Fall 2016, Spring 2017 Members:
Guillermo Blanco, Gillian Inglis, and Randy Nguyen