DM@MCC Resource Page

Use these resources to help you with your DifferenceMaker@MCC Pitch.

DifferenceMaker@MCC Workshop #1 // Identifying Problems / Assessing Opportunity

DifferenceMaker@MCC Workshop #2 // Value Proposition / Business Models

DifferenceMaker@MCC Workshop #3 // Delivering your Pitch

Application – Fill out in order to participate!

MCC 2017 Toolkit Worksheets – use these to help you prepare!

MCC 2017 Idea Plan Template – turn this in by 11/13 in order to participate in the IDEA Challenge!

Rocket Pitch Template – use this for your pitch on 11/16!  The pitch must be under 3 minutes. Judges’ Rubric: Pitch Score Sheet Fall 2017.

Online Safety



Where to do research to figure out viability of your idea.

  • Secondary Research :
    • Analysis – involves collecting data and organizing it in some fashion based on criteria you develop. They are useful when you want to find some trend or pattern. A type of analysis would be to record commercials on three major television networks and analyze gender roles.
    • MCC Library Market Research
    • Use Industry Tools
      • Trade Associations – trade groups always publish the most up to date info on trends and innovations that may impact consumers and your ideas. This list will help you find a trade association that makes sense for your idea.
    • Use research and analysis from others
  • Primary Research:
    • Design of Questions  – very important to make sure you are asking the right question!
      • Survey of target market
      • Speak with stakeholders
      • Interviews
      • Surveys
      • Observations

Check out other RESOURCES  available