Spring 2018 Entrepreneurship Courses

For Intro to Entrepreneurship (BUS 130) class students, the semester was focused on actively going through the entrepreneurial process, from idea generation and opportunity evaluation to planning and launch of a business. After launch, students took part in a 2-week competition to sell, sell, sell! During that competition, students voted on a non-profit organization to donate all their net profit. This semester’s non-profit donation is going to the Boys and Girls Club of Lowell.

Student businesses included t-shirts, face scrub, food, wallets, audio files, shoe cleaning, decorative pillows, and a painting service. Find out more specifics below.

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Competition Results
Congratulations to all the students who worked hard during this competition!
Lowell Night Class Net Profit: $774
Bedford Day Class Net Profit: $1346
TOTAL $2120

Because of our students hard work, total donations being made are
$1808 to the Boys and Girls Club of Lowell and
$312* to the Under the Oak Homeless Outreach Program

*this was a special social entrepreneurship project completed by Jack Stavro, see below for more info…

In the Bedford Day class, a special congratulations to Jack Stavro and Andrea Patino Galindo for making the two highest net profits. Andrea’s Churro business had $513 in sales.

In the Lowell night class, a special congratulations to Mickey Le and Rachael Trott for making the most net profit. Mickey’s photography business had $420 in sales.

Learn more about what the students were up to below.

BUS 130 – 01 (Bedford Day)


A special social entrepreneurial project, Humanity of the Homeless helped educate people around the issues of homelessness. This project raised $325 in donations to the Under the Oak Homeless Outreach Program in Lowell.

Fresh Off the Boat Apparel

Authentic Bath Bombs by Amy 

Para-cords key chains 

Wonder Wallets 

Sweet and Smart MCC 



Thrift Flip 23

The Art of Paint 

Boston Lanyards 

Overall, this class earned $1,302 in net profits to donate. $990 to the Boys and Girls Club of Lowell and $350 to the Under the Oak Homeless Outreach Program in Lowell. 

Check out BUS 130-80 (Lowell Night)

Trott Tees 

King Churros


Overall, this class earned $804 in net profits to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Lowell.

Final Results

Slide Show MCC Shark Tank Spring 2018



Entrepreneurial Events in April

Join the IDEA Center at
entrepreneurial events in April:
All are welcome to participate and the events are FREECONNOR BEEBE, product designer
learn about the importance of a professional brand
and how to navigate from college to career.

11:00 AM- 12:20 PM

KEVIN WILLETT, founder Friends of Kevin & New England B2B Networking
hear one entrepreneur’s story then learn about the importance of networking and how to do it!
9:30 AM – 10:45 AM

Thomas Storr, Owner of Swiss Bakers
Leslie Cregg, Owner of Planned Perfectly Events
and Zoe Wakefield, Trip Advisor
hear from professionals in the hospitality, culinary arts, restaurant and events industries on their careers, educational experiences and career advice.  
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM


Help support the MCC Student Venture Fund

What does the MCC Student Venture Fund do? We help students start businesses! Our students often need help with startup costs, so our fund allows them to apply for up to $100 in funding to get going. Find out more. 

Help support the MCC Student Venture Fund by purchasing a beautiful $20 t-shirt designed by the legendary Eyeformation. Check out more of Eyeformation’s work. 

Want to buy a shirt? Stop by the IDEA Center!



Lowell Makes

Lowell Makes is a community workshop and laboratory located in downtown Lowell. Led by a group of artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers, Lowell Makes can provide the tools and environment for you to succeed! As entrepreneurs, you may need access to equipment to help make your dream a reality, or the right machines to create your first prototype. Lowell Makes is a member driven organization that stands ready. As a MCC student, you may be able to utilize their tools and space. Interested? Contact Professor Hargis for more info.

Lowell Makes
47 Lee St
Lowell, MA 01852

Upcoming Events

There are a lot of fun pitch contests and events coming up that MCC students can attend.

Wed Feb 7UML’s DifferenceMaker $50K Idea Challenge Kick-Off
As a MCC student, you can join an UML team that will be participating in a string                   of workshops leading up to the final pitch.  Definitely come by to support our                       DifferenceMaker@MCC IDEA Challenge winner from last semester as he                               competes for $5,000!

Thurs Feb 15 – Mass Innovation Nights

Thur Feb 22 – E for All’s #ShopLocal Pitch Contest @ Mill No.5 

Wed April 25UML’s Difference Maker $50K Idea Challenge Kick-Off 

Coming Soon – a Spring event at MCC for entrepreneurial thinkers! Stay tuned.

Click on the links to find out more. Some of them require RSVP. Hope to see you there!

Entrepreneurial Thinking IDEA Pitch

Students participating in the Entrepreneurial Thinking, a 1-credit IDS course were tasked with coming up with a problem they wanted to solve then a solution for that problem. This is based off our DifferenceMaker@MCC programming.  Ideas ranged from troubled youth needing dance in their lives to dog collars that helped locate animals faster.

The students pitched at an IDEA Challenge as part of their final. MCC community members were the judges:

  • Prudhvi Chandu, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 3rd place winner
  • Jo Mucci, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Kendall Yasi, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 2nd place winner
  • Donna Maturi, Lowell Librarian Specialist

The winning team, comprised of Rachel Love and Victoria Moore, came up with a concept to better treat mental illness through an Art Therapy Center. Congratulations!

Pitch – Check out the winning presentation

IDS 117 Fall 2017 W JudgesThe whole class with our guest judges.