Lowell Makes

Lowell Makes is a community workshop and laboratory located in downtown Lowell. Led by a group of artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers, Lowell Makes can provide the tools and environment for you to succeed! As entrepreneurs, you may need access to equipment to help make your dream a reality, or the right machines to create your first prototype. Lowell Makes is a member driven organization that stands ready. As a MCC student, you may be able to utilize their tools and space. Interested? Contact Professor Hargis for more info.

Lowell Makes
47 Lee St
Lowell, MA 01852


Upcoming Events

There are a lot of fun pitch contests and events coming up that MCC students can attend.

Wed Feb 7UML’s DifferenceMaker $50K Idea Challenge Kick-Off
As a MCC student, you can join an UML team that will be participating in a string                   of workshops leading up to the final pitch.  Definitely come by to support our                       DifferenceMaker@MCC IDEA Challenge winner from last semester as he                               competes for $5,000!

Thurs Feb 15 – Mass Innovation Nights

Thur Feb 22 – E for All’s #ShopLocal Pitch Contest @ Mill No.5 

Wed April 25UML’s Difference Maker $50K Idea Challenge Kick-Off 

Coming Soon – a Spring event at MCC for entrepreneurial thinkers! Stay tuned.

Click on the links to find out more. Some of them require RSVP. Hope to see you there!

Entrepreneurial Thinking IDEA Pitch

Students participating in the Entrepreneurial Thinking, a 1-credit IDS course were tasked with coming up with a problem they wanted to solve then a solution for that problem. This is based off our DifferenceMaker@MCC programming.  Ideas ranged from troubled youth needing dance in their lives to dog collars that helped locate animals faster.

The students pitched at an IDEA Challenge as part of their final. MCC community members were the judges:

  • Prudhvi Chandu, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 3rd place winner
  • Jo Mucci, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Kendall Yasi, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 2nd place winner
  • Donna Maturi, Lowell Librarian Specialist

The winning team, comprised of Rachel Love and Victoria Moore, came up with a concept to better treat mental illness through an Art Therapy Center. Congratulations!

Pitch – Check out the winning presentation

IDS 117 Fall 2017 W JudgesThe whole class with our guest judges.

Fall 2017 Student Business

After a semester of evaluating opportunity and then planning to launch a business, students took off running during a 4 week competition to sell, sell, sell! Students in two Intro to Entrepreneurship courses (BUS 130) gave final business pitches to a panel of community judges at two separate MCC Shark Tanks. Overall, teams ended up with net profits of $2, 497! All of which was donated to various non-profit organizations.

Total Donated

In the BUS 130 Night class, judges included:

The stakes were high and the competition was tough!

Night SalesNight Net Profit

First place winners:
Wicked Good Spices – Maureen Simolaris and Denise Richards
BUS 130 Fall 2017 Winners of Contest
Being presented gift certificates by Andy, Jerry and Ralph from left to right, in the middle is Denise, then Maureen. (See their commercial below)

Second place winners:
Crystal Soaprise – Sidney O’Brien, Nicole Smith, and Erin Cox
BUS 130 Fall 2017 Crystal Soaprise presenting to Clearn Water Project
Here is Crystal Soaprise presenting a check for over $500 to the Clean River Project. (From left to right: Rocky, Sidney, Nicole, and Erin)

Honorable mentions:
Simply Essential Scrubs – Samantha D’Amelio, Anam Ali, and Madison Meyer

Here they are (L:R Anam, Maddy, Bethany from Catie’s Closet, and Sam) presenting a check for almost $200 to Catie’s Closet.

BUS 130 Fall 2017 Simply Essential Scrubs presenting to Catie's Closet



In the BUS 130 Day class, judges included:

Day SalesDay Net Profit

First place winners:
Sky Tea – Kerianne Riley, Yen Nguyen, and Selina Wedding

Pictured with our judges from L:R, Mariann, Rachel, Selina, Ye, Kerianne, Tory and Beth

Here is Yen, Kerianne, and Selina presenting a check of $200 to the Epilepsy Foundation

Second place winners:
M R Jewels – Rosemary Medina and Maria Andrade

Pictured with our judges from L:R, Mariann, Rachel, Rose, Maria, Beth and Tory

Fan Favorites:
The Melts – Brad Richardson, Jasmin Colon, and Jasmin Wright

CONGRATULATIONS to all the student businesses!

Learn more about each business here!

DifferenceMaker@MCC IDEA Challenge Pitch Contest

9 student teams pitched innovative ideas at the DifferenceMaker@MCC Idea Challenge Pitch Contest on Thursday, 11/16. Students from various disciplines, including business and engineering, presented. Ideas included technology, energy, agriculture, food, and product innovations. The first place winners will go on to pitch at UML’s IDEA Challenge in the spring.

Thank you to our amazing panel of guest judges: 

  • Judith Hogan, Dean of Business, Legal Studies, and Public Service
  • Diana Coluntino, founder of New Vestures Co-Working Space
  • Raymond Hamilton CTO & Co-founder, invisaWear
  • Susu Wong, founder of Tomo360

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place: ClassRoots, a social networking application that organizes assignments by class, offers discussion forums, and has an integrated messaging platform for seamlessly communicating with peers.

Kevin Seery
Nicolas Norcross


2nd place: ScribbleNotes, a structured doodle solution for note taking.

Kendall Yasi
Daniel Iknaian


3rd place: Ah-Ha, an informal learning service for young adults that provides a
variety of easily digestible multimedia content addressing critical life lessons and important topics that aren’t covered in formal schooling.

Prudhvi Chandu
Stephen Collins
Cameron Jacobs


Babson Entrepreneurship Forum

MCC students enjoyed the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum in Newton on Nov 10th. Guest speakers included “The Man Who Saved Twinkies”, Dean Metropoulos and Tiger 21 Founder Michael Sonnnenfeldt.

“All the panelists were impressive and to listen to their journey really put in perspective the tangibility of entrepreneurship. Their struggles, failures and successes are all part of the adventure. Thinking outside the box and being creative to overcome challenges, staying focus and having a vision of their business are all things we have been talking in class. So, it was great to actually witness in person what we have discussed in class. I was also glad to met other students from the Lowell campus, getting to know them and sharing our hopes and dreams of the future as entrepreneurs. By the end of the day I felt inspired and energized to with my ideas reshape my world and the world of others.” – Maureen Simolaris

Jasmin Colon, Maureen Simolaris, and Kerianne Riley  

Student Businesses

Students in BUS 130 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship launch their businesses! Please check them out:


The Melts – Facebook

Meme ShUrTz – Facebook 
Meme ShUrTz

MR Jewels – Facebook

Waffle Donuts – Facebook

Coffee N Mugs – Facebook

Bucket – Facebook

New Leaf – Facebook

Sadaf Empire- Facebook

Fire Department Coffee – Facebook

Sky Tea – Facebook 

Commonwealth Accessories – Facebook 



Crystal Soaprise – Facebook

BeStrong – Facebook

Peace United – Facebook

Wicked Good – Facebook 

Convenient Cases – Facebook 

Simply Essential Scrubs – Facebook 

Final Team Project