• Have an idea
  • See a problem that needs solved
  • Want to make a difference in the community or world

Does this sound like you?

Then participate in the DifferenceMaker@MCC Idea Challenge. Join a team to pitch your awesome idea that solves a problem that will make a difference in the world!

Build your resume AND win awesome prizes to help you put it into action at the Idea Challenge Pitch Contest.

What kinds of ideas …. 

  • Solutions can be about healthcare, technology, energy, homelessness, climate change, food security, etc…
  • It can be an innovative process, product, or idea.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Everyone is welcome no matter what major!

Check out last year’s event and the winning team at UML!

Fall 2019 Dates

All events are 2 – 4 pm on Lowell campus

Wed Oct 30 – Workshop # 1 in LC 202
Wed Nov 6 – Workshop # 2 in LC 202
Wed Nov 13 – Workshop # 3 in LC 202
Wed Nov 20 – DifferenceMaker@MCC IDEA Challenge in Federal Bldg, Assembly Room

Teams can win awesome prizes at the DifferenceMaker@MCC Idea Challenge Pitch Contest.

  • 1st place TBA
  • 2nd place TBA
  • 3rd place TBA

Fall 2019 Flyer

How does it work?

  1. Form a student team to develop a real solution to a real problem. Teams must have at least 2 people.
  2. Apply via the Application on the IDEA Center website.
  3. Attend 3 workshops to help you create concept proposals that address a real world challenge.
    * You do not have to attend the workshops, but they definitely help you prepare for the pitch contest.
  4. Use the workshop handouts to research your Problem, Opportunity, Solution and Resources.
  5. Submit your IDEA PLAN by Nov 13. The IDEA Plan is your entry to participate in the Pitch Contest on Nov 20th. Without an IDEA Plan, you will not be able to participate.
  6. Compete in the pitch contest. The pitch must be under 3 minutes. Prizes will be awarded to teams that present the best ideas and strategies for addressing various social and business challenges.
  7. You could also win a chance to pitch at UMass Lowell’s DifferenceMakers Preliminary IDEA Challenge in April 2020.

Why attend workshops?

  • Teams should attend workshops to receive support to develop their concept… from idea generation to opportunity evaluation to value proposition to pitch.
  • Workshops will help you develop an idea, refine it, and perfect a pitch for it.
  • You do not have to attend workshops in order to participate in the Idea Challenge but it is highly encouraged.

***If you can’t attend workshops, contact hargiss@middlesex.mass.edu with your Gmail account to gain access to the website with all the resources and copies of the workshops!

Fall 2018 Flyer

Past DM@MCC info:

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