Spring 2018 MCC Shark Tank

MCC Entrepreneurship students are amazing! They are donating over $2100 in net profits back to the community!

For Intro to Entrepreneurship (BUS 130) class students, the semester was focused on actively going through the entrepreneurial process, from idea generation and opportunity evaluation to planning and launch of a business. Students took part in a 2-week competition to get the most sales. During that competition, students voted on a non-profit organization to donate all their net profit. This semester’s non-profit donation is going to the Boys and Girls Club of Lowell.

Student businesses included t-shirts, face scrub, food, wallets, audio files, shoe cleaning, decorative pillows, and a painting service. More info about the businesses and competition here!

Congratulations to all the students who worked so hard!
Lowell Night Class Net Profit: $774
Bedford Day Class Net Profit: $1346
Students are donating a TOTAL of $2120 

Students also pitched at the MCC Shark Tank. Each class pitched their business, the work they did, and results to three guest judges.

Lowell Night MCC Shark Tank
Thank you to our special guest judges!

  • Juan Boungou, PhD Student at UMass Lowell
  • Susu Wong, Founder, Tomo360 – Marketing Strategies
  • Professor Ashli Ree, Fashion Merchandising Program Coordinator at MCC

First place winner:
Trott’s Tees, Rachael Trott with guest judge Susu Wong

BUS 130 80 1st place

Second place winner:
Driany’s Decorative Glass, Driany Cruz with guest judge Juan Boungou


Third place winner:
Joel’s T-shirts, Joel Tatis with guest judge Ashli Ree

BUS 130 80 3rd place

BUS 130 80 class

Bedford Day MCC Shark Tank
Thank you to our special guest judges!

  • Rich Denio, VP Operations, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
  • Dean Judith Hogan, Division of Business, Legal Studies and Public Service
  • Kristen McBride-Silva, Administrative Assistant, Division of Business, Legal Studies and Public Service

First place winner:
Humanity for the Homeless, Jack Stavro with guest judge Rich Denio

BUS 130 01 1st place

Second place winner:
Holy Churros, Andrea Patino Galindo with guest judge Kristen McBride-Silva

BUS 130 01 2nd place

Third place winner:
Thrift Flip23, Sarah Donahue with guest judge Dean Hogan

BUS 130 01 3rd place

BUS 130 01 whole class

BUS 130 01 winners

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