Everyday Entrepreneurs Program Launch!

The entrepreneurship program at MCC is very pleased about a new amazing opportunity!

The Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund recently awarded Middlesex Community College a $250,000 grant to help student entrepreneurs start or grow a small business. EEVF founders Chip Weismiller and Stuart Weismiller attended a meeting of the MCC Foundation Board of Directors to formally announce the award.

The Weismillers established the million-dollar venture fund to provide seed grants to community-college foundations for community-based new business start-ups. MCC is one of four colleges in the U.S. to receive an EEVF grant. The award is the first venture-fund grant in Massachusetts to be used exclusively to launch small community-based entrepreneurs. It will be administered through the MCC Foundation.

The EEVF grant was based on MCC’s work with community-based entrepreneurs and serves as a testament to the quality and growth of the college’s Entrepreneurship Program and faculty. Grant funds are limited to current students and qualified alumni.

Want to find out more?!! Check out the program website: Launch at MCC 

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