Fall 2017 Student Business

After a semester of evaluating opportunity and then planning to launch a business, students took off running during a 4 week competition to sell, sell, sell! Students in two Intro to Entrepreneurship courses (BUS 130) gave final business pitches to a panel of community judges at two separate MCC Shark Tanks. Overall, teams ended up with net profits of $2, 497! All of which was donated to various non-profit organizations.

Total Donated

In the BUS 130 Night class, judges included:

The stakes were high and the competition was tough!

Night SalesNight Net Profit

First place winners:
Wicked Good Spices – Maureen Simolaris and Denise Richards
BUS 130 Fall 2017 Winners of Contest
Being presented gift certificates by Andy, Jerry and Ralph from left to right, in the middle is Denise, then Maureen. (See their commercial below)

Second place winners:
Crystal Soaprise – Sidney O’Brien, Nicole Smith, and Erin Cox
BUS 130 Fall 2017 Crystal Soaprise presenting to Clearn Water Project
Here is Crystal Soaprise presenting a check for over $500 to the Clean River Project. (From left to right: Rocky, Sidney, Nicole, and Erin)

Honorable mentions:
Simply Essential Scrubs – Samantha D’Amelio, Anam Ali, and Madison Meyer

Here they are (L:R Anam, Maddy, Bethany from Catie’s Closet, and Sam) presenting a check for almost $200 to Catie’s Closet.

BUS 130 Fall 2017 Simply Essential Scrubs presenting to Catie's Closet



In the BUS 130 Day class, judges included:

Day SalesDay Net Profit

First place winners:
Sky Tea – Kerianne Riley, Yen Nguyen, and Selina Wedding

Pictured with our judges from L:R, Mariann, Rachel, Selina, Ye, Kerianne, Tory and Beth

Here is Yen, Kerianne, and Selina presenting a check of $200 to the Epilepsy Foundation

Second place winners:
M R Jewels – Rosemary Medina and Maria Andrade

Pictured with our judges from L:R, Mariann, Rachel, Rose, Maria, Beth and Tory

Fan Favorites:
The Melts – Brad Richardson, Jasmin Colon, and Jasmin Wright

CONGRATULATIONS to all the student businesses!

Learn more about each business here!

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