Entrepreneurial Thinking IDEA Pitch

Students participating in the Entrepreneurial Thinking, a 1-credit IDS course were tasked with coming up with a problem they wanted to solve then a solution for that problem. This is based off our DifferenceMaker@MCC programming.  Ideas ranged from troubled youth needing dance in their lives to dog collars that helped locate animals faster.

The students pitched at an IDEA Challenge as part of their final. MCC community members were the judges:

  • Prudhvi Chandu, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 3rd place winner
  • Jo Mucci, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Kendall Yasi, Student DifferenceMaker@MCC 2nd place winner
  • Donna Maturi, Lowell Librarian Specialist

The winning team, comprised of Rachel Love and Victoria Moore, came up with a concept to better treat mental illness through an Art Therapy Center. Congratulations!

Pitch – Check out the winning presentation

IDS 117 Fall 2017 W JudgesThe whole class with our guest judges.

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