Babson Entrepreneurship Forum

MCC students enjoyed the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum in Newton on Nov 10th. Guest speakers included “The Man Who Saved Twinkies”, Dean Metropoulos and Tiger 21 Founder Michael Sonnnenfeldt.

“All the panelists were impressive and to listen to their journey really put in perspective the tangibility of entrepreneurship. Their struggles, failures and successes are all part of the adventure. Thinking outside the box and being creative to overcome challenges, staying focus and having a vision of their business are all things we have been talking in class. So, it was great to actually witness in person what we have discussed in class. I was also glad to met other students from the Lowell campus, getting to know them and sharing our hopes and dreams of the future as entrepreneurs. By the end of the day I felt inspired and energized to with my ideas reshape my world and the world of others.” – Maureen Simolaris

Jasmin Colon, Maureen Simolaris, and Kerianne Riley  

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